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Sky High
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at April 27th, 2006 (01:50 pm)

Movie: Sky High
Rated: PG

Oh. My. Gawd. This was seriously one of the best things Disney has done as of late. It was SO fun. Your classic cheesy comic book type movie, mixed in with classic cheesy teen high school woes. Great fun for anyone who really enjoys super heroes, teen romance, or good family fun. I highly reccomend it.

Plot and an end of the movie spoil!Collapse )

Rating: 9/10 I am buying this one as soon as I have money!!!

Great faces and voice to watch for...
Kurt Russell, Dave Foley, Lynda Carter (yes... WonderWoman!), Bruce Campbell, and Patrick Warburton!

by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at April 1st, 2006 (11:19 pm)

Movie: Elizabethtown
Rated: PG-13

This movie was so dumb. Seriously. Yes it made me cry at points, but I don't think 90% of us with uber estrogen can not cry at a father/son bonding type experience. Anyway, the movie had decent acting, but it was sooooo SLOW. It took forever for the thing to end. And it was weird beyond belief. At first I though Kirsten Dunst was a weird stalker chick, and she kinda was; but oh well. It was interesting enough, but no more worth the $2.00 someone else spent to rent it. I am so glad I didn't see it in theaters! And I will never see it again!

Rating: 3.7/10

Raise Your Voice
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at March 19th, 2006 (04:04 pm)

Movie: Raise Your Voice
Rated: PG

Gawd. Could being a girl suck any more? I cried at this movie. Production value, and acting were HORRIBLE, but the plot of it all still made me sob. About 5 times. *facepalm* Great movie though, for just wanting to sit around and be a girl and enjoy some popcorn.

Basic idea: Kinda spoileryCollapse )

I'd give it a 6.5/10
Hillary Duff is cute and fun, but even she couldn't get a higher rating from me on this one!

Ice Princess
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 28th, 2006 (09:40 pm)

Movie: Ice Princess
Rated: G

This was the perfect movie for me to curl up on the couch to watch while I was sick. It was sweet and funny. Everything I expected from a Disney teen movie ^_^

Michelle Trachtenberg was awesome as the main character Casey. I haven't really seen her in much since Pete and Pete *laughs* Euro-Trip just didn't appeal to me, so I guess I missed out on her there. Hayden Panettiere plays her "rival" and let me just say I love that girl. She is such a fun quirky girl that I can't help but love her - even if she does have to play a bitch for the first half of the movie.

It's really nice to see a movie out where the mom is trying to encourage her daughter to go to school and be smart instead of the other way around. Joan Cusack does a great job, though I must say I get weirded out when I see how old she's getting! Casey (Trachtenberg) is actually smart in this movie too! And at math and science even! Way to give girls something to shoot for Disney ^_^ All in all - GREAT movie to watch if you're in the mood to smile, or just lose a couple brain cells.

I'd give it a 8/10

40 Year Old Virgin
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 28th, 2006 (09:32 pm)

Movie: 40 Year Old Virgin
Rated: Unrated Version

OMG this movie is exactly what my husband would be like if I hadn't come along. *facepalm* The action figures, the Halo playing, the painting models for RP games... Wow. Just wow. I think that made the movie extra funy just for me cause I got to watch his horified expression everytime the guy did something that reminded us of Joey *laughs*

Over all the movie was funny. The end was really just weird and completely flopped from just comedy to romantic comedy, to "WTF? musical". It was a dumb ending but I would have to say that other than the last 15 minutes of the movie I really enjoyed it.

I'd give it a 6.8/10

Blonde Ambition - an A-List novel
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 26th, 2006 (05:46 pm)

Book: Blonde Ambition
Author: Zoey Dean

This time around we get to see more of Anna's love life! And she has a real job, that her father didn't have to line up for her.

Recommended for: Those who have read the first two A-List novels, and Gossip Girl and The Clique fans alike.

Girls on Film - An A-List novel
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 26th, 2006 (05:39 pm)

Book: Girls on Film
Author: Zoey Dean

Anna is back in the second installment of The A-List. Settling in Anna is beginning to make friends with some of the girls who initially didn't want her around. Also, Anna is beginning to find that she has a knack for writing, while her friend Sam continues her directing dreams. A must read for A-List fans!

Recommended for: A-List fans, and those who enjoy The Clique and Gossip Girl.

The A-List
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 26th, 2006 (05:21 pm)

Book: The A-List
Author: Zoey Dean

The first book in a series, The A-List is a story of a rich girl from old money trying to make it among the elite daughters of new money in L.A. Anna moves to LA to live with her dad after her best friend moves in on the guy she wants back home in New York. Her friend never knew Anna liked him, but Anna believes that she needs to make her way in the world on her own, not under the shadow of her outgoing friend. Anna is prim, proper, and everything she doesn't want to be. LA seems like the perfect place to start a new self.

As stated in my review for The Au Pairs; I am really into books about snarky girls right now, and this fits into that category perfectly. The LA girls don't want Anna interfering with their happy little worlds and Anna forces her way in anyway. It's great!

Recomended for: Those who have read Gossip Girl or The Clique.

The Au Pairs
by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 26th, 2006 (05:09 pm)

Book: The Au Pairs
Author: Melissa de la Cruz

I have become obsessed with book about bitchy girls since I read The Clique novels by Lisi Harrison. I am also a nanny. So reading about three girls who get to spend the summer nannying in The Hamptons sounded like just the book for me! And it was!

Jacqui, Eliza, and Mara have quite the summer learning about taking care of children, each other, and themselves. The Au Pairs is a story about friendship, and life's lessons. There is a sequel out called Skinny Dipping and you can bet there will be a review here as soon as I get my hands on it!

Recomended for: Anyone who has read, The Clique novels, the Gossip Girl novels, The A-List novels, or The Nannies.

by deepestdreams (deepestdreams)
at January 26th, 2006 (05:03 pm)

Book: Stargirl
Author: Jerry Spinelli

What happens when you meet someone who is special? Who doesn't care what the world thinks? And then you try to change them...

That's what happens to a boy in Spinelli's Stargirl; an absolutely beautiful book. I soared through this book and just couldn't put it down. I would give anything to have a friend like Stargirl when I was in school, but I don't think I would appreciate it then like I could now. That's life I guess! This is a great book!

Recommended for: Anyone who likes reading about friendship. Also, anyone who has read a book by Carl Hiaasen would probably enjoy this story. It is written in a very similar style.

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